"We are media enthusiasts; we love making films. We focus on commercials, corporate films, documentaries and films. We aim to be one of the best visualizers in the world; long way, eh?" (text source: Vidhama YouTube channel)

Client: Chandan C M, Vidhama Studios | http://vidhamastudios.com
Role: Logo and initial brand development

// Project //

Chandan wanted to do a rebranding of their company, Vidhama Studios and to start the initial branding: New logo, color palette, and fonts. To explore serif, sans serif, and cursive fonts/lettering for the logotype that could be used for their company "Vidhama Studios" and altered for their short film series "Vidhama Stories". Below is the logo exploration, development, and color scheme to be included in their new brand identity. Chandan thought to remove the curl at the start of the "V" which I think worked out really well. Background photo of woman is a screenshot from one of Vidhama Studio's videos.

// Main Logos //
// Below – Final Color Scheme selected //
// Final Color Palette //
// Logo Exploration //
// Below – Option 2 Color Scheme not selected //
// Main Logo //
// Variations //
// Option 2 Color Palette //
// Thanks for viewing //
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