Experimental Typography projects for Type 3 class course.
Instr: Marwin Schiltz, AiCALA

// Projects //
Experimental typography projects with guidelines to follow in the captions above each project below.

// Environmental Type (A-Z) //
Guidelines: Take photographs of any objects in the environment that resembled characteristics of letters and then combine parts of two separate objects for each letter
// Letterforms //
Guidelines: Choose a letter from the previous experimental type project above and rework the letter. Chose letter "A"
// BARTENDER typeface //
Take the chosen letter from previous Letterform project above and come up with a typeface that relates back to the objects used to make that letter
// SLACK typeface //
Guidelines: Same as Letter "A" project above
// SLACK typeface //
Guidelines: Same as BARTENDER typeface project above
// Custom Letterforms //
Guidelines: Make five letterforms with 4in cap heights using Copic pens/marker for final letters
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