"WHY WOULD YOU PUT LIGHTS ON A HORSE? The concept of Tail Lights was created by accident. Literally. On a cool November evening Sami, our founder, and her friend were riding both of Sami's horses back to the barn. Despite living in an equestrian community and using reflectors, Sami's horse and her friend were struck by a car. It was a hit and run. Although her friend was thankfully unharmed, her horse Afar was not; Thousands of dollars later in veterinarian expenses Sami made it her mission to design and develop the most advanced safety lighting system for horses the world has ever seen. That is how Tail Lights, the product, was born. She wanted a bright, versatile, tough, yet beautiful way to make her and any others horses' presence on the road known." (text source: Tail Lights website)

Client: Sami Gros, Tail Lights Home Barn | http://www.tail-lights.com
Operations: Richard Zierer
Role: Brand update, print collateral, technical illustrations, package artwork, print production

// Projects //
Sami wanted to experiment with a new logo that would feel fun and quirky versus keeping her original logo and making updates to it. Ended up updating her original logo with a new logomark, bolder fonts, and new brand color. She wanted a mark that could stand alone like the Nike swoosh. The alt brand option is at the end of this project post. Going over the specs with Sami and her product engineer, built out technical illustrations for product production and also to input into a brochure manual that was provided, and then prepped for print. Based on info provided for the packaging requirements, like type of material to be printed on recycled corrugated cardboard and the dimensions based on the product dimensions, built out packaging artwork options and mockups. Other projects were a flyer and t-shirt artwork for a tradeshow.

// Logo update //
// Logo/Mark exploration //
// Color and Type //
// Experimental business card //
// Instruction Manual technical illustrations and process //
Z-Fold Manual provided to update with the technical illustrations and prep for print
// Final blister packaging artwork, exploration, material mockups //
// Flyer one sheet and T-Shirt designs for tradeshow //
​​​​​​​Tradeshow photos provided by Sami​​​​​​​
// Technical Illustrations for product production and process //
Internal components illustrations were built out but not shown due to proprietaries
// Product photos provided by Sami //
// Alt branding option exploration //
// Photos provided by Sami //

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