Client: Raskals LA | @raskalsbrand
Role: Illustration reproduction

// Project //
Raskals LA, a lifestyle brand in Los Angeles, CA wanted a graphite illustration reproduction with their logo on the neck and all else the exact same imagery reillustrated. They provided the image to reference a tattoo piece created by tattoo artist, Sir Twice, of the Little Rascals character Alfalfa headshot. Also had referenced the original Alfalfa headshot photo. Initially wanting to complete quickly as well as pretty accurate to the original Alfalfa headshot, worked on placement of the neck logo tattoo in Photoshop, printed out to scale, created a topographic stencil and reproduced in graphite.
* Raskals LA logo was provided *

// Process on neck tat //

Top Left
Original tattoo piece created by tattoo artist, Sir Twice.

Top Right
Original photo of the Alfalfa TV character with mocked-up Raskals brand logo and Sir Twice tattoos.

Original photo of the Alfalfa TV character with Raskals brand logo neck tattoo placement in Ps.
// Trace, line, and shade //
Materials: 2h, h, b, 2b, 6b pencils
// Thanks for viewing //
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