Poster Illustrations for Graphic Design History class course
Instr: Jack Keely, AiCALA

// Project 1 //
Guidelines: Illustrate a poster for a movie in any style of Art/Design Movements. Chose the movie "Inception" in the style of Futurism. Found this reference image that helped start this illustration that is in the bottom left of this poster and expanded on it. Started out in blue colored pencil, but to get more in the energy of the movie and the Art/Design style of Futurism, inverted the colors and then added the text in Photoshop. Dimensions are about 14x17in.
// Project 2 //
Guidelines: Illustrate a poster for the horror film "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" in the style of a vintage movie poster. Dimensions are 11x17in.
// Project 3 //
Project was to illustrate a poster for a children's story/nursery rhyme in any style of Art/Design Movements. Chose the story "Humpty Dumpty" in the style of Constructivism. Colors inspired by Shepard Fairey. Dimensions are 11x17in.
// Thanks for viewing //
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