"Polaris Pacific is the West Coast leader in high-density real estate sales and marketing. We leverage insight and foresight to deliver unparalleled experiences in major urban markets including Northern and Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington." (text source: Polaris Pacific website)

Client: Polaris Pacific | https://polarispacific.com
Role: Digital/Sketch illustration in color

// Project //
Polaris Pacific wanted an illustration of one of there previous upcoming listings. Process: Pulled images from Google maps of the surrounding area and combined them with a 3D rendering of the building provided by Polaris. Used a lightboard to trace out the main lines of the buildings in different options: with graphite, copic pens with ruler, and copic pens in more rough lines. Finalized, shaded, and scanned into computer at 600dpi in case needed for larger print: 
Epson Image Capture works really well > Scan texture of whatever medium you're using with no blur very crisp in transfer of scan. Brought scan into Photoshop and adjust levels and retouch, block in color and some digital painting, and finalize any levels and color adjustments.
// Thanks for viewing //
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