5 ways to package 5 eggs as a set/series for Packaging class course
Instr: Susanne Manheimer, AiCALA

~ Project ~
Project was to find 5 ways to package 5 eggs and the packages were to look like a set/series. Susanne introduced the class to the book, "How to Wrap 5 Eggs", showing traditional Japanese packaging using organic materials. Thinking about materials to use to make the egg packaging, wanted to approach the project using materials that would make the series feel like Japanese packaging or inspired by: Natural by style, color, and materials used. Green styrofoam isn't a natural material but was representative of nature in color. Also wanted the packages to tie together through shape and structure making each one geometric and break up the geometry with one package a more organic shape.

~ 1 ~
~ 2 ~
~ 3 ~
~ 4 ~
~ 5 ~
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