"Ozone Clean Technologies (OCT) is a minority-owned engineering company with proprietary technology bringing water purification and ozone based food and general disinfection systems to the burgeoning "green" marketplace. OCT products utilize ozone dissolved in water, as well as gaseous ozone, for food safety and other disinfection applications. In contrast to the few companies operating in the food safety and disinfection space, OCT is focused on delivering an industry changing engineering solution at a cost effective basis. OCT water purification units provide inexpensive solutions wherever clear water is needed around the world. Our patented purification units meet WHO/EPA guidelines for clean drinking water and have been successfully tested in emergency situations, including the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in Puerto Rico." (text source: Ozone Clean website)
What is Ozone?

"Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms: O3. Just like during an electrical thunderstorm, ambient air and a small amount of electricity generates O3 onsite. Ozone water sanitation is one of nature’s most powerful sanitizers. Ozone, a gas that is a triatomic form of oxygen, has been used for years in applications such as treatment of municipal water and bottled water. In fact, it has been used as a disinfectant in drinking water since 1893, as a food preservative for the cold storage of meats since 1909, and was found to prevent the growth of yeast and mold during the storage of fruits in 1939. Ozone has enjoyed a long history of use and is known as a broad-spectrum biocide against viruses, bacteria, biofilms, fungi and protozoa— none of which can build up a resistive tolerance to ozone, because ozone disinfects by oxidation processes. Ozone does not act as a systemic poison to microorganisms, but rather, destroys them by oxidation. Consequently, it is impossible for a microorganism to build up any resistance to oxidation. Ozone Clean Technologies uses this “green” technology, ozone infused water, as a 100% organic way to clean, sanitize, and replace conventional chemical-based methods." (text source: Ozone Clean website)

Client: Ozone Clean Technologies | http://www.ozonect.com
Role: Brand identity, style guide, stationary, sample animation

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Previously O3 BIOLOGICS, Ozone Clean Technologies was in the process of rebranding under their new name, Ozone Clean Technologies. They wanted the new branding to highlight what differentiates them from the rest of the industry in their use of Ozone. Below are the logos and process, branding guidelines/deck design, stationary design, and sample animation.

// Initial sketches //
// Final logo, brand identity, style guide //
// Stationary //
// Letterhead fillable form PDF //
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