^ Process Animated ^
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Client: Maysar Sarieddine
Role: Digital illustration, sketch, process animation

// Maysar's Research Paper Abstract //
"This fieldwork was conducted with Lebanese women who were victims of domestic violence, who have since left or divorced their husbands and are currently under the care of a non-governmental organization, KAFA, which fights for the eradication of all forms of violenceagainst women in the country. Through semi-structured interviews with the women, I learned that domestic violence is highly prevalent in many forms in Lebanon, and that this is accepted asa cultural norm. Women victims of gender-based violence are not supported by societal structures family, friends, police, lawmakers, and judges; and they are led to believe that they deserve, or are at fault for, oppression. A social revolution is necessary to change social customs, perceptions, and legal structures in order to protect and support women who have become victims of violent acts that were directed toward them simply because of their sex."

// Project //
Maysar wanted illustrations that would be part of the fieldwork for his Doctorate Degree in Psychology and his research and viewpoint towards the oppression and violence against Lebanese women. He was open on conceptual elements and design, but is very passionate about this issue and had a lot of input on the illustration as well as provided reference pieces from a couple of different artists he likes such as Sari El Khazen that you can see in some of the elements of this piece. (http://www.sarivisualartist.com/sari-el-khazen) The size of the illustration was to be for presenting to a large room. Originally was going to be a Triptych but is a single panel 74in x 48in.

The second illustration from the viewpoint of men in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon can be viewed here:


// Sketch process //
// Vector outlines //
// Closeups //
// Thanks for viewing //
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