"MAGIC is a high-energy fashion experience and home to the largest selection of trend, young contemporary, modern sportswear, apparel, footwear, and accessories brands. Fusing scale with curation to drive commerce, creativity, and connections, MAGIC joins a global audience of retail buyers – from big-box to boutique – together with influencers, media, and industry thought leaders. MAGIC is more than just an event: it’s a deeply rooted community and a place brands and retailers call home." (text source: MAGIC website)

Creative Directors: Susanne Manheimer, Kayla Silber
VP Marketing: Allison Lombardo

Art Director: David Salazar
Traffic Coordinator: Brenda Cooksey

Sr. Marketing Manager: Don Pietranczyk
Lead Marketing: Arielle Mandell, Caiti Morris 
Marketing Coordinator: Melissa Cazares, Milton Hernandez

Role: Print, digital, web, social marketing collateral for MAGIC

// Projects //
In-house and freelance at Advanstar Communications (UBM and currently Informa Markets). Projects included Print: Tradeshowshow signage, advertisements, show directories, lookbooks, and one/two-sheets; Digital/Web: Email blasts content, web banners, social media artwork, digital ads, digital signage, and digital lookbooks; and On-site at the Vegas show editing/retouching photos and any edits and new show materials. Below are some of the projects.
// WWDMAGIC WHITE – Lookbook //
Masked out, some retouching, and placed outfits and accessories into the spreads. Spreads of the final lookbook and some of the outfits and accessories masked and retouched are below.
* Lookbook template was provided *
// SOURCING at MAGIC – Show Directory magazine //
Various layouts, some design and concept based on the Sourcing at Magic event campaign, branded the booklet with resources from the campaign artwork library, built out the map spread, and set up pagination for print.
* Campaign branding assets, show photos, and copy were provided *
// DENIM Event – Two-sheet, web banner, and one-sheet //
Creative direction from Kayla, on-site at the Vegas show we set up marketing collateral for the All About Denim event.
* Logo and copy were provided *
// Sourcing at MAGIC – Post-show recap infographic one-sheet //
Concept and design for the Sourcing at MAGIC post-show stats in an infographic-TIME-magazine style. The dotted line represents the readers' walkthrough the show as if they were walking the show floor from one event (statistic) to the next. Creative Director Kayla helped finalize the design.
* Campaign floral artwork/campaign photo provided *
// Sourcing at MAGIC – Show info one-sheet //
* Campaign floral artwork, event photos, and copy were provided *
// Sourcing at MAGIC – Web banners //
* Campaign assets and logo were provided *
// Shark Tank interview – Editorial //
Editorial design and concept for a Daymond John interview. Concept ties back to the spotlighted brand Shark Tank, and had to still keep with WWDMAGIC branding (purple color and font).

* Copy was provided *
// Cosmo / FN Platform – Show Directory ad placement //
Concept/design for COSMO FNPlatform event ad. Creative Director Kayla finalized layout of text.
* Cosmo and FN Platform logos and copy were provided *
// David Cassidy Concert – Email blast, print ad, and meterboard signage //
Concept/design for event marketing for the David Cassidy Concert @ FNPlatform. Creative Director Susanne provided the era direction of David Cassidy, crop, and secondary font choice.
* Logo was provided and background pattern behind guitar is edited stock *
// Cowboy Up! Cocktail Hour Event – Email blast, print ad, and meterboard signage //
Concept/design for event marketing for the Cowboy Up! Cocktail Hour Event @ FNPlatform. Resource images used in the content under the campaign below.
* Logos were provided *
// Instagram Ads //
With art direction from David, finalized the designs and made them editable PDFs, so that the various exhibitors can input their booth numbers for the show they would exhibit at, before posting to their Instagrams.

* Campaign logos, photos and copy were provided *
// Proposed campaign concepts for the different tradeshow platforms at MAGIC //
Below were some campaign ideas proposed to Creative Director Susanne for some of the tradeshow platforms for then next MAGIC Tradeshow season. Resource images used for proof of concept are under each campaign below.

* All asset images used/manipulated were for POC purposes only *
// Thanks for viewing //
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