"Lavi Systems, Inc. has been striving to be the most reliable supplier of aerospace equipment in Southern California. Located in Los Angeles, Lavi Systems focuses on one mission: to achieve the highest standards of total performance in quality and on-time delivery. Building on a foundation of military fuel components and sub-assemblies, Lavi Systems has expanded into rotary switches and jumpers by rapidly acquiring customers and displacing our competitors with superior product and customer service. Working with Lavi Systems, you can expect responsiveness, transparent product development, and expert engineering. By continually improving our quality system and processes, we consistently exceed our customer expectations. Whether we’re custom engineering a product or building your product to print, Lavi Systems, Inc. will be your trusted supplier." (text source: Lavi Systems website)

Client: Lavi Systems, Inc. | 
Role: Print design, brand elements, product photos masking/retouching, print production

// Project //
Marketing brochure design/die lines and layout for Lavi Systems. Expanded on brand elements: Header font, line patterns, and client wanted to incorporate some type of clean metal texture representative of some of their manufacturing materials and quality of their products. Copy and aircraft photos were provided to incorporate in the brochure. Full product photos were provided to mask out the background and retouch to incorporate on the line cards. Company and partners logos were provided. Company logo file was lower res and flattened on a white background, so they wanted it rebuilt out in vector and a grayscale variation for future use. Dimensions: 8.5x11in pages, 17x11in flat.

// Final brochure //
// Brochure flap, Linecard inserts, Product photos masking/retouch //
// Logo - Vector Update //
// Thanks for viewing //
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