"Kelly Smith relaunched her Real Estate career, after co-founding a successful construction company with her husband. She is BACK IN THE SADDLE…better, smarter, faster, and more passionate than ever! She has pulled out all the stops, including assembling a team with decades of success and state-of-the-art technical skills. When Kelly Smith and Jake Ralston met to discuss some land in La Cresta, they both felt a professional symbiosis worthy of pursuing. Their talents, passions, and even weaknesses compliment each other’s in such a way that they discovered the proverbial “sum greater than its parts”. So, they decided to bring this magic to their work and offer clients an unprecedented real estate experience. When you list with Team LaCrestaLife, you get decades of luxury real estate experience, innovative technology, top-notch marketing, highly-effective negotiating skills, and availability… Kelly has lived and worked on the Plateau since 2002 and takes great pride in being accessible for showings." (text source: La Cresta website)

Client: Kelly Smith and Jake Ralston, La Cresta Real Estate | https://www.lacresta.com
Brand identity: ___
Branded colors of regions on Mapboard: Emily Makarainen
Assist with Mapboard map outlines for each farm: Miroslav Ivanov

Role: Continue on brand, print collateral, social media posting and graphics, motion graphics, photo editing and resizing, video updates, maps

// Projects //
Some projects and style of some projects coincide or intermediately rolled over from Jake's Ralston Real Estate Group projects (View post here) including some of the icons and brochure map design and have since been updated by ___, who also refreshed the brand identity so you'll see some different fonts, logo variations in some of the projects below and a refresh by Jake's videographer to the lower thirds and YouTube endscreen in the newer listing videos on the La Cresta YouTube channel . Other projects included Print: For Sale brochures and Event invite mailers, neighborhood sales mapboard for events, Social: New designs Listings, captions (minus listing copywrite), post on social media channels, Manage social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Business, and YouTube channel: Uploading vids, backend SEO, iCards, endscreens, building out playlists for listings and agents, build out Holiday and Event graphics, SproutSocial; Motion: Logo animation for Year in Review video, Lower thirds, Agent end slates and YouTube endscreen animations, parcel outline overlays and motion tracking for some of the land videos; Photo: Listing photos resize, file naming for print and web, Batch export watermark photos; Video: Add logo animation intro and end slates, lower thirds, and YouTube endscreen, cut different length videos for social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube; Operations: Build out templates working files, file/folder structure system assist on Drive, assist setup of tasks and boards on Trello, training.

// Logo animation for Year In Review video //
// Icons System for print and social marketing //
Rolled over from Ralston and updated to La Cresta brand colors
// Listing brochure bifold, map, Property Premiere Invite postcard //
Style of map rolled over from Ralston and updated to La Cresta brand colors
// Regional Sales mapboard for display at events //
Branded colors of regions on Mapboard: Emily Makarainen . Assist with Mapboard map outlines: Miroslav Ivanov
// Social graphics and posting for listing status updates and events //
// Listing photo/Fb album watermark photo edit out cars – Before and After //
// Motion for logo animation, lower thirds, end slates for listing, event, marketing videos //
// Parcel outline overlays and Motion Tracking for some of the land videos //
// YouTube channel built out, process uploading videos, video covers setup //
// Social graphics and posting for La Cresta general marketing and holidays //
Rolled over from Ralston and updated to La Cresta branding
// Thanks for viewing //
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