"Coach Monica Griffith is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, (ICF), which means she has gone through extensive training and accrued hours of coaching and meet the ethical standards of the ICF. Her training was held at The Academy for Coaching Excellence, Sacramento, CA. With a PCC designation, I have accumulated over 800 hours of coaching. She has contributed over 30 years in the corporate world – leading many teams in several states. Her organization became one of the highest engaged (according to the Gallup Engagement Survey) groups; and they continually demonstrated outstanding results in production, quality and customer service. She has had the opportunity to have been published as a contributing author in the book: Discover Your Inner Strength, as well as several short story and learning articles. Another area from which she has been very fortunate is to facilitate small group discussions, book-study workshops, webinars and skill-building seminars." (source: Guiding Light Coaching website)

Client: Monica Griffith, Guiding Light Coaching | https://www.guidinglightcoaching.com
Wood Engraver: Jennifer Harris, Glass Blasted | https://www.glassblasted.com
Role: Logo development, sample logo animation

// Project //
Monica had a concept in mind of a monogram logo and having the "L" look like a lighthouse, which is part of her branding imagery on her business card and website, and is something that strongly represents and expresses her company's message and her profession. She already had brand colors that are based on her business card.

// Final Logo: Color & Grayscale //
// Color Palette //
// Typeface //
// Experimental Logo Animation //
// Monica had these wood-etched coasters made by Jennifer Harris at Glass Blasted //
"You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails." —Guiding Light Coaching
* Business Card provided by client *
// Logo exploration //

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