"E.V. Roberts is a leading supplier of innovative materials for advanced aerospace, electronics and industrial applications. We combine material distribution and custom formulation capabilities with specialized packaging and material management services – providing complete solutions to fully support your product design and manufacturing processes." (text source: E.V. Roberts)

Client: E.V. Roberts | http://www.evroberts.com
VP Marketing: Allison Lombardo
HR Admin/Project Manager: Niki Townsend
Brand Identity: Kayla Silber

Headshot Photographer: Tom Glynn
Wall Display Installation: Al and Gene Rodriguez, Cory Pete
Project Consultant: Alisa, The Frame Gallery
Role: Wall Display design/layout/signage, plaque inserts, vendors

// Project //
Wall display design and production for E.V. Roberts to showcase their "People & Milestones" over the past few decades. Started with digital mockup of what the wall display would look like. Then set up a mockup with printouts of some of the letters for the signage and sizes of the individual plaques and columns, and taped everything up to spec out the measurements of the height and/or width of the signage letters, the columns, spacing between everything, and how high the display would be from the ground relative to the size of the actual wall and to a person's standing view of the display. Design of plaque insert templates is based on the branding guidelines developed by Kayla and with the headshots of the employees shot by Tom, and are color-coded for each 10-year increment of employees. Then Al, Gene, and Corey with a lot of experience in building/designing homes/construction helped get the installation up on the wall. Final was putting up the insert panels and inserts.

// Vendors //
Worked with these vendors for the signage, plaque insert holders, and wall display rods/parts.
Highly recommend:
Mark/Jami, Signature Signs, Inc. | http://www.sigsigns.com
Sunny, Sign Design Systems | https://signdesignsystems.com

// Final Wall Display //
// Digital Mockups //
Above: Current / Below: Extended over time
// Schematics //
// Plaque Insert Template Designs //
// Materials //
// Wall Display Installation //
// Signage Installation //
// Insert Panels //
// Plaque Inserts //
// Final Wall Display //
// Thanks for viewing //
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