Logo concepts pitch to CityTV for their Santa Monica Vote segment/website + for class course
CityTV | 
Director: Robin Gee (Cable TV & Public Info Mgr of City TV)
Instr: Richard Khanbabians, AiCALA

// Project //

CityTV is a local cable station for the city of Santa Monica. They were looking for a new logo to replace the 2010 logo of the Santa Monica Vote segment of their TV programming and website,
http://www.smvote.org. SMVote provides the local political and election news for the residents of the city of Santa Monica, CA. Divided into groups we researched political branding, competitors, Santa Monica's demographics, and color palettes. Then individually would work on concepts and with Robin, Richard, and each group, would choose which concepts we all think should continue developing more to pitch to CityTV. Below are visuals from the pitch and concepts explored. None got selected.

Option 1 pitched is above //
Below are the sketch, rough, and final in b/w
// Color Palette //
Different shades of red, white, and blue that have been used in political branding: Modern vibrant, Traditional primary, and Vintage off-color or washed out. Tried the Modern vibrant red and blue current at the time.
// Option 2 pitched //
// Option 3 pitched //
// Other concepts explored //

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