Logo concept pitch to CityTV for their Cooking Show segment + for class course
CityTV | http://www.smgov.net/departments/citytv
Director: Robin Gee (Cable TV & Public Info Mgr of City TV)
Instr: Richard Khanbabians, AiCALA

// Project //
CityTV is a local cable station for the city of Santa Monica. They were looking for a logo for their upcoming cooking program, Santa Monica Family Favorites. Divided into groups we researched popular cooking shows and competitors, Santa Monica's demographics, and color palettes for a cooking show. Then individually would work on concepts and with Robin, Richard, and each group, would choose which concepts we all think should continue developing more to pitch to CityTV. Worked on this logo more and ended up getting selected for then upcoming cooking show. Below are visuals from the pitch and other concepts explored.

Featured On: http://www.logo-designer.co/logo-for-citytv-family-favorites

// Final Logo //
// Black and Color variation //
// Color Palette //
Warm, friendly, and edible colors representing the personality of show
// Typeface //
Bold and legible display font that could work well in different placements and sizes
// Brand Element //
// Placement //
// Other rough concepts explored //
// Brands explored //
// Thanks for viewing //
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