"AVAD is one of the most recognized brands in the fast-growing system integration market. AVAD offers a comprehensive line of premium solutions for video, audio, networking, HVAC, lighting control, security, home automation, digital signage, system design and other products needed by professional installers. Further differentiating its services, AVAD invests in the business tools, technical support and services that integrators need to grow their businesses, including the fully transactional AVAD Mobile smartphone application providing integrators on-the-go access to AVAD products and value-added tools." (text source: Wave website)

Client: AVAD LLC | http://www.avad.com
Marketing Coordinator: Cintia Gallo
Role: Print, web, digital marketing collateral

// Projects //
Print: One sheets, tradeshow banner, holiday artwork, door flyers; Digital/Web: Email newsletter designs, digital signage, and web banners. Most of the projects are done within AVAD branding or the brand associated with the content.
* AVAD logos were provided *

// Email Blast: Rebranding of AVAD's weekly newsletter to match their new branding //
Any ads or logos in the newsletter were provided
* All content from this point is branded to AVAD's old branding or to the brand in the collateral *
// Email Blast: Redesign of AVAD's weekly newsletter //
Above: Canada and US Versions  |  Below: Before and After
Any ads or logos in the newsletter were provided
// Email Blasts for the holidays //
U.S. and Canada versions
Any ads or logos in the newsletter were provided
// Door Flyers for the holidays //
// Tradeshow Banner //
Panamax logo was provided
// Digital signage, One sheets, Web banners //
// Reproduced the background for the below. Original background by ? //
// Thanks for viewing //
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